ISIS is no minor Arab skirmish between tribes vying for power. It poses a threat to the world comparable with Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The world shilly-shallied then. It’s behaving in a similar manner today. ISIS must be stopped while it’s still possible to do so. It’s forces grow stronger with each day that passes.

Yesterday, it was ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Today, it’s IS (Islamic State). Tomorrow, it will be ICME (Islamic Caliphate of the Middle East).

Make no mistake, its leaders intend world domination. They’ll not be content with reclaiming the lands of the Ottoman. Their quest is total Islam, just as the Nazi intention was world Aryanism.

Meanwhile, Obama talks. He talks with European leaders; he talks with his opposition leaders. He wants to “…train and arm the moderate Syrian rebels…”. Who are they? Where are they? The truth is they’ve collapsed under the weight of militant Islamic forces in Syria, and are no longer a viable opposition.

The West “trained and armed” the Iraqi army; they “trained and armed” the Afghan army; they “trained and armed the Libyan rebels against Gaddafi”. We’ve seen the results of such “training and arming”.

In Iraq, the army was routed and ISIS helped themselves to the US arms; in Afghanistan, the army regularly assassinates US soldiers and much of the arms end up with the Taliban; in Libya, the country is overrun with armed thugs vying for power and the government has collapsed.

The West is not good at “training and arming” it’s so-called ‘allies’. Yet, Obama wants to utilize the same, failed, tactics that have resulted in nothing but misery and suffering for millions of innocents in the nations the US has “trained and armed”.

A writer who can both write and teach should be able to do both. Many competent writers have proved it could be done. I could not do it, I know, and I admire those who have been able to. I would think though that the academic life could put a period to outside experience which might possibly limit growth of knowledge of the world. Knowledge, however, demands more responsibility of a writer and makes writing more difficult. Trying to write something of permanent value is a full-time job even though only a few hours a day are spent on the actual writing. A writer can be compared to a well. There are as many kinds of wells as there are writers. The important thing is to have good water in the well, and it is better to take a regular amount out than to pump the well dry and wait for it to refill. I see I am getting away from the question, but the question was not very interesting.
Ernest Hemingway, The Art of Fiction No. 21, 1958 (via fortunenglory)

I’m by no means the only person, or even pundit, who sometimes (often) feels that centrists are the craziest people in our political life. Liberals these days rarely stake out really extreme positions (more on that in a minute); conservatives may denounce Obama as a Muslim atheist communist, but at least they know what they want. The really strange people are those who insist that there is symmetry between left and right, that both are equally far out and equally at fault for polarization, and make up all kinds of strange stories to justify this claim.

Barack Obama is, of course, the biggest target of these delusions; it’s really amazing to see pundits accuse him of being chiefly to blame for Republican scorched-earth opposition — you see, he should have used his mystic powers of persuasion to bring them into the tent.

Paul Krugman on the crazy centrists in American politics
For a putz 20-year-old kid to say, ‘I’m depressed. I live in Seattle.’ Fuck you, then kill yourself. I never understand, because I always call them on their bluff. I’m the guy who says ‘Jump’ when there’s a guy on top of a building who says, ‘That’s it, I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to jump.’ Are you kidding? Why are you announcing it? Shut the fuck up, have some dignity and jump! You’ve got the crowd. By the way, you walk up to the same guy on a ledge who threatens to jump and put a gun to his head, ‘I’m going to blow your fuckin’ head off.’ He’ll go, ‘Please don’t.’ It’s true. He’s not that insane.
Renowned psychologist and philosopher Gene Simmons on suicide
I don’t see much of a future for this planet. I think it’s a cursed planet. The boundaries we’ve drawn between nations and the profit motive - those two factors - have, in my opinion, brought us to the point where almost nothing can stop the utter destruction of the environment and all our earthly life-support systems. Perhaps after a holocaust, the survivors can rebuild on a more spiritual level. … Man in his finest state is a curious and investigative creature capable of the magic of creativity.
George Carlin on the state of mankind (1982 Playboy interview)